​​Furnace 41 Presents - Venue Wide

The Let It Burn Tour

Finding September  w/ Taken By Tides

​Keeping Composure, City Of Ruins, Honest Goodbye, The Levitical Task, Red Flag, and Dick Dastardly & The Bacon Boys

Doors 630pm / $10 Adv, $12 Door / All Ages

June 28th - Fri

July 13th - Sat

June 22nd - Sat

June 29th - Sat

June 21st - Friday

June 29th - Sat

Featured Events

June 21st: October Roar w/ special guests

June 22nd:The Showcase Tour

June 28th​Finding September w/ Taken By Tides & special guests

June 29th: The F41 Showcase (Rap/ Hip Hop)

June 29th: Richpoint Music Showcase

July 6th: Indie Megafest

July 13th:iSk8 & Dj Coolie Present

July 18th: Afton Presents

July 20th: Fuel The Fire Fest

​​​​​Furnace 41 Presents - The Boiler Room

The F41 Showcase

Kusco, VisiblyInFlight, Zach Mansion, Anon Fresh, A Young, John Bain, WhoIsConscious, Slik Pat, YNG Osiris, Zack Ultra, and many more...

Doors 8:00pm / $10 Adv, $12 Door / All Ages

​​​​​Furnace 41 Presents - The Pit

Richpoint Music Showcase


Doors 7pm / TBA / All Ages

​​Furnace 41 Presents - The Pit

Rock and Roll Showcase

Fury In Few, Dropzone, Billy Batts & The Made Men, Mixed Tribe, and Bayvell

Doors 6:00pm / $10 Adv - $12 Door / All Ages

​​Furnace 41 Presents - The Boiler Room

The Showcase Tour

National Rap and Hip Hop Showcase

Doors 6:00pm / $10adv - $15 door / All Ages

June 22nd - Sat

​​Furnace 41 Presents - Venue Wide

October Roar

w/ Shot Down South, Ghost Of Evergreen, Bury Me Breathing, Canvas Kid, Torn Soul, and Don't Shoot The Messenger

Doors 6:30pm / $10 Adv, $12 Door / All Ages

​​Furnace 41 Presents - The Boiler Room

iSk8 & Dj Coolie Present


Doors 800pm / TBA / All Ages

​Furnace 41 Presents - Venue Wide

Indie MegaFest


Doors 7:00pm / Check Link for Pricing / All Ages

July 6th - Sat

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