We'd love to hear from you. Send us your questions, concerns, or kudos. If a response is needed, we'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reaching out!

All Booking at Furnace 41 is handled by James "Bo" Keller

Email  ---  james@furnace41.com

​Info to include in email for consideration:

  • Band Name
  • Genre
  • City & State
  • Links to socials
  • Links to music (spotify preferred)
  • Links to youtube videos
  • Band contact info (include name and contact number)
  • ​A Very short bio (*optional)

Linktree Links are acceptable

EPK's are not desirable and are likely to take much longer for a response as they do not always include all of the desired information. It will take more time to research the stats on plays we are looking for. With busy schedules, all EPK submissions will be pushed to the end of the line.

​We prefer that bands booked at Furnace 41 do not have another show booked within a 60 mile radius, 30 days prior or following their event date scheduled at our venue.

Band Booking Info

General Information